Expanded PGR support from Goldsmiths SU and UCU

From Postgrad Researcher Reps and building communities, to free UCU Membership: an update on support available for PGR students.

Student Assembly Motions Published

Student Assembly takes place on Thursday 19th October - with seven motions being debated and voted on.

Represent Fellow Students On Your Course: Become A Rep

Apply now to become a Programme Rep, Department Rep, or Accessibility and Inclusion Rep.

Meet Your Officers: Tara Mariwany

Meet Tara, who is your Welfare & Diversity Officer for the second year!

Meet Your Officers: Taylor McGraa

Say hi to your new Education Officer, Taylor!

Meet Your New Officers: Eva Crossan Jory

You may know her as last year's Campaigns and Activities Officer, meet your new SU President, Eva!

Meet Your New Officers: JT

A big hello from JT, as he starts his term as your new Campaigns and Activities Officer.

Goldsmiths College to Increase Rent Prices in Halls

Goldsmiths College has announced the rent prices for student halls in 2017/18 and yet again they have been hiked up.

Everything you're wondering about the National Student Survey

Is it compulsory to fill it out? How can I get Ipsos MORI to stop bugging me with all these emails and phone calls? Mollie's got your answers...

Why You Shouldn't Fill Out The NSS

The NSS reinforces sexism and racism, TEF will cause tuition fees to rise and rise and rise, and our reputation will be tarnished.

Goldsmiths SU and UCU Joint Statement in Support of NSS Boycott

"We believe that the NSS is a methodologically flawed instrument for measuring teaching quality and that it provides an incomplete picture of the student experience."