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This is not ping-pong

Evaluating the College’s Response to Our Performance Audit Report

Evaluating the College’s Response to Our Performance Audit Report

On the 13th of October 2022, we published a Performance Audit Report on the Management of Goldsmiths, University of London. The Performance Audit Report provides insight into the reality of student experience at the College as holistic and interconnected. It provides valuable information about the processes, policies and practices that have stood as a barrier to accessible student experience. The Audit was produced on a backdrop of innumerable administrative crises affecting students from enrolment to wellbeing and finance, caused by a centralised College structure that continues to plague the student experience today. 

Read the Performance Audit Report here

On the 20th of October 2022, the College responded to our Audit in a document entitled “response to the recommendations made by the Students Union”. Since then, we have continued to manage crises and support students who still experience the brunt of a complete administrative breakdown. 

We emphasise here that this is not a ping-pong game. We will not engage in meaningless back-and-forth. The Performance Audit is a process we will continue to undertake on a termly basis to review structural changes and competence, account for College commitments and duty of care, against student feedback and governing policies. 

We will now evaluate the College’s response to our Audit. This is to reflect the direction and significance in which they choose to understand the student experience, and the aptitude of their strategy as an institution in delivering what they have a duty to. This ongoing process of audit and review seeks to engage and challenge the operations and strategic direction of the College through a continuous thread of holistic student experience and feedback, away from its increasingly marketised framework. 

Read our evaluation here