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'Liberation is the act of working to challenge and reverse the effects of structural oppression in society.' 

At Goldsmiths SU, we support five liberation networks, bringing together BME (black and minority ethnic), women, LGBTQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer +), trans and non-binary people, and disabled students, to meet others, build networks and work on issues, campaigns and plans.

We believe that all students should feel like they belong and are accepted for who they are. We want students to feel liberated and empowered regardless of their identities, and to have a community that reflects this.

The Welfare and Liberation Officer is the main representative for liberation groups within Goldsmiths SU.

Five Liberation Officers – one for each group – are elected each year, and they help to support and represent these groups within the Union and College. They are:  BME Students' Officer, LGBTQ+ Students' Officer, Trans and Non-Binary Students' Officer, Disabled Students' Officer, and Women Students' Officer.

Liberation Networks

We also have a network for each of our liberation groups and an additional network to specifically support international students. Find out more below...