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What to pack for Uni?

It's tricky deciding what to bring and what to leave behind...

While it might be tempting to panic buy the entire contents of Ikea, chances are you won’t need it all, in fact it’s probably just as important to know what to leave behind as what to bring with you. As the resident experts, we asked our current Goldsmiths students for their advice on what to bring and what to ditch for the big move.

Here’s what they came up with…

Julia: ‘Pegs! They’re such a useful tool for all those half-eaten open food packets! And you will not need more than one or two pots or pans… you’re not Julia Childs.’


Caitlin: A journal or diary – as an international student it was a unique experience and there are things I wish I could reflect on now, nearly five years since I left. There’s definitely an art to packing though. I also recommend listing what you need, and then cutting it by half.’


Nyoom:A dictaphone! It’s a good shout because sometimes you can miss things in lectures’


Mikolaj: ‘I wish I’d packed my potato peeler. Doing it with a shi**y IKEA knife sucks!’


Isabelle: ‘A wok!’


Adam: ‘Mini fridge! I lost so much food to other people’s drunk midnight feasts during first year.’


Some other useful extras:


Hangers – You might only be given a couple and there’s nothing more agg than getting all your clothes tangled up on the same hanger.


Doorstop – Wedge your door open when you move in to show new housemates you’re there and up for a chat.


Ear plugs – Not everyone’s a party animal so your beauty sleep might be more of a priority to you than your housemates.


Medicine – Chances are you'll get ill after that first week so stock up on Lemsip and Ibuprofen ASAP.


Extension lead – You might not have many plugs in your room and we all know tech is life.


Important docs – Passport, NI card, insurance docs, confirmation letters, driving license, bank forms… there’s too many to list but we recommend popping them all in a handy file for safekeeping.


A casserole dish – Pasta bake will soon be your BFF, trust us.