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6 reasons you should visit the Welcome Fair

In our humble opinion, the Welcome Fair (Sat 23rd September) is the perfect opportunity to launch you into the Goldsmiths student way of life. Here’s six reasons why we think you should attend…


1. Join a club or society

Are you passionate about hockey, hip-hop…history?! Well at Welcome Fair you’ll have the chance to join one of the 100+ student groups we have on offer at the SU. You can ask questions from members of each club and society, as well as signing up right there and then. Joining a student group is a great way to explore your interests or discover new ones. It’ll also help you meet people, which leads us on the next point… 

2. Meet new friends

The Welcome Fair is a hub of activity for one day. It's the place to be to meet new people both old and new to campus so say Hi to someone and make new friends - we're all in the same boat!


3. Grab a tote bag & freebies

Our SU Tote bags are a hot item every year so make sure you arrive in time to grab one for your lifetime tote to carry all your books and research papers to class on campus, plus you'll need somewhere to put all the freebies. We'll also have an extra treat for anyone who visits each area across the Welcome Fair, this year we'll be across the Richard Hoggarts Building, the Green Space, and the SU Building.


4. Meet your Sabbatical Officers

The SU Officers are here to represent you! Every year students are elected as Officers to represent the voice of students at Goldsmiths, this year your officers are Victoria, Isabelle, Nour and Gammorah. They will be at the fair for anyone chatting and introducing themselves and answer any questions you might have about the SU or student life at Goldsmiths, come say hi! They're here for good politics and amazing vibes.

5. Grab a drink and have fun on the Green Space

If you're not a fan of indoor spaces, don't worry, we'll have something for those who prefer the great outdoors. Take a break from the fair and come outside to the Green space where we'll have a space to buy some drinks, listen to music and get lots of student discounts from our visiting commercial stalls. *Fingers crossed you won't need your wellies, but this is the UK!*


6. Chill out in the SU Space

We know that the Welcome Fair can be a lot to take in and we want to make sure every student knowns they can come along and enjoy themselves. The ground floor of the SU Building will be a Chill out zone, a place for you to come and have a coffee, meet wellbeing and local advice services and find a quiet spot to take a breather.