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Extenuating Circumstances Delayed Responses & Rejections


We are aware that many students are experiencing issues with their Extenuating Circumstances (ECs). With deadlines as soon as this Friday, many are still waiting to hear back and have been waiting for weeks now.

It is unfair that some students heard only yesterday, four days to their deadline, that their EC has been rejected. 

We understand some students have received approvals but were not given the full 10 days while others have received rejections but it is unclear how exactly their reasons are against the categories of extenuating circumstances. 

Our belief is the current school hub structure has not been efficient in this matter nor does it support students. 

We stand firmly against the policing of the student experience. Students should not be expected to prove a degree of distress in order to receive support. The expectation that academic performance should look a certain way, unchanged in the context of an already difficult year is, we believe, unacceptable. 

The distress that the delays and inefficiency caused by the Extenuating Circumstances  process alone warrants accommodation. 

We want to note, as well, that the learning impact assessment and strike compensations should not be used against students in their claim of Extenuating Circumstances.

The Student Union Sabbatical Officer Team have written to the College to expedite approvals of students' extenuating circumstances in light of the deadline and are in communication to try and communicate the urgency of this issue. 

We also call on the College to review this issue from the perspective of students. The way we understand the new school structure is expected to deliver support. 

For now, we encourage our members to write to your School Hubs to chase for a response.

We will keep everyone updated as soon as there are developments.

Your 2022-23 Sabb Team