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Türkiye - Syria Earthquake

Student advice and support information for those affected by the devastating Earthquake.

We are all deeply saddened to hear the news of the earthquake that has affected Türkiye and Syria and the devastating humanitarian crisis in the wake of the disaster that is ongoing. We know that the scale of devastation and loss of life will be affecting students daily, not least those with families in the affected areas.

The Goldsmiths College team are aiming to provide support to those affected and are currently signposting to the following wellbeing services on campus.

Wellbeing Advice Team

Meet with a wellbeing adviser for advice and support. Appointments are via telephone, Microsoft Teams, or in person.

You can make a wellbeing appointment here

Out of Hours Support Team

If you need advice and support during out of usual hours (6am-6pm) please reach out to the Out of Hours Team

You can directly phone 020 7919 7284 or email campus-support ( If emailing, tell them how you’d like them to make contact with you, either by return email, phone, or through Microsoft Teams.

To reach out to either the Wellbeing Advice Team or the Out of Hours team please visit:

Emergency Support

If you are concerned about an immediate risk of harm – either to yourself or someone else - or if you need support outside the service hours, please telephone 999 or see student emergency and crisis support.


I'd like to donate

During these crises it can often be difficult to work out where to direct any donations. These donation links have been provided by students from the region to ensure that your donations can contribute.

Student Bake Sale

On Tuesday 14th February from 9am-5pm Students will be hosting a Bake Sale to raise money for relief efforts. This will be on the SU building 1st Floor (Dixons Road) and we would like to invite everyone to come along!

Please click the links below to find out ways you can support via online donatations. 



Donation centres:

Beirut, Lebanon: Emergency Room (sending to Aleppo and Hama), follow them on IG: @emergencyroombeirut

Berlin, Germany: Oyoun Berlin is collecting donations, follow them on IG: @oyounberlin


If you wish to contribute, host a fundraiser in the SU space or add to the trusted list of donation links please contact the Sabbatical Officer team


- Your Goldsmiths SU Team