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Our statement on the invasion of Ukraine

Image text reads "Our statement on the invasion of Ukraine"

Goldsmiths students are horrified and disgusted by the unjustified invasion of Ukraine by the Russian regime.

We stand against this act of imperialism and aggression, which will bring only misery, pain and death to the ordinary people of Ukraine.

We believe in solidarity, sovereignty and self-determination, not the use of naked aggression and violence to achieve political objectives.

Within Russia itself, we welcome the anti-war and anti-Putin protests emerging across the country. We believe in the right of people to live, work, learn and organise freely, and we do not blame the Russian population or our Russian students for the decisions of the Kremlin.

Our priority is and always will be the safety and liberty of our students, and students everywhere.

Goldsmiths University has already contacted Ukrainian and Russian students and informed them about sources of support and guidance on topics such as visas and international travel.

We encourage students to seek support and advice when needed.

Goldsmiths SU will continue to support Ukrainian and Russian students with updates whenever possible.