Campaigns and Activities Officer

Joe Leam

Campaigns and Activities Officer


I'm Joe Leam, your Campaigns and Activities Officer!

Having just finished my degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics, I’m keen to get going on political campaigns, such as battling the marketisation of education, and getting back to Goldsmiths' radical roots. My past in the SU lies with being Vice Chair of the Labour Society, being on the committee of New School Economics and being a student member of the Union's Trustee Board.

I'm super excited to work on improving our community links, teaching students their rights outside the classroom, setting up volunteering networks to support local GCSE students, fighting for trans representation in sport, democratising Goldsmiths and improving student housing.

My greatest advice would be to come in the SU and have a chat with us about any issues on your mind - big or small. Our door is always open and we’d love to have your input!