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The Disruption Diary is a free resource designed to help students strengthen their complaints following disruption. 

Through experiences of industrial action, we learned that for students to have a better chance of receiving compensation, they need to document everything they have missed and all experiences of disruption - to then complain after the strike ends to stand the strongest chance. Make sure you keep copies of any associated evidence of disruption, such as train tickets.

The Disruption Diary also includes an impact and a fees lost calculator.

Using avenues of complaint and appeals do not undermine the strike but instead support it in making a big impact on the college. As we have seen with the Strike Assessment Scheme in 2022, it hastened the deal agreed between GUCU and the university, with improved terms. For more information on industrial action and some FAQs, visit the Housing, Complaints and Rights Handbook. 

Please make a copy of this document for your own use. Go to File on the top left corner > Download or Make a copy. 

Access the Disruption Diary here.