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Welcome to the Student Handbook Project – your ultimate destination for a wealth of online resources, curated by students, exclusively for students.

Our mission is simple: to empower you with the knowledge and tools you need to not only navigate your journey at Goldsmiths but to thrive and succeed beyond your academic years.

This project is led, developed and edited by Victoria Chwa, your 2022/23 Education Officer and 2023/24 SU President. As part of her manifesto priorities, with the incredible support of students and staff within the SU, Victoria has spearheaded the creation of these invaluable handbooks and resources to empower students and enhance student experience. But we're not stopping there – we're committed to keeping these resources fresh and relevant, continuously updating them and adding exciting new materials to support you on your student journey.

No matter where you are in your academic adventure, whether you're a new student finding your footing or a seasoned student leader in search of additional support, we're here for you!