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Welcome to the ultimate tool designed exclusively for you, by Goldsmiths Students Union. Our student planner isn't just any planner – it's your personal companion on your academic journey, and it's completely free!

We know that university life can be a whirlwind of deadlines, lectures, social events, and personal goals. That's why we've created a planner that's more than just a calendar. What sets this planner apart is the special "Dear Tutor" sheet – a one-page planner that streamlines your goal-setting and personal needs assessment. It's a powerful tool that not only helps you clarify your objectives but also simplifies the communication process with your tutor. With this one-page document, you can easily share your goals, track your progress, and ensure a smoother, more effective personal tutor support experience. 

In this printable planner, you'll find: 

  • Personal Details Sheet
  • Dear Tutor Sheet
  • Assessments Log 
  • Term Planner
  • Important Dates Sheet
  • Year, month, week, day at a glance
  • Study Planner 
  • Mind Dump
  • Notes

With the Goldsmiths Students' Union Student Planner in your hands, you're not just organising your schedule; you're taking charge of your future. Download your free copy today!

Download your planner here