Staff List and Contacts

The many smiley, happy faces of the Union Staff and Officers. You'll find email contact info here too.

NOTICE - Due to the COVID-19 situation, only a limited number of staff are available. Please visit our regularly updated Active Goldsmiths SU Staff Members document for the full list of SU staff that can currently assist you.


Officer Team

Joe Leam



Mona Mounir

Welfare and Liberation Officer 


Beth Lowe

Campaigns and Activities Officer



Lauren Corelli

Education Officer


Senior Management Team

Ed Nedjari

Interim Chief Executive


HR Team

Denisa Mariana Turturea

Office Coordinator


Finance Team


Development and Communities Team

Galina Skvortsov

Development and Communities Manager


Tolu Magbagbeola

Sports Development Coordinator


Leila Mani Lundie

Liberation Coordinator


Clare Phelan

Academic Communities Coordinator


Thomas Turner

Development and Communities Administrator


Advice Team

Alison Spooner

Advice Service Manager


Margaret Shih 



Priya Bose

Adviser (Part Time)




Commercial Services Team

Oliver Roscoe

Head of Commercial Operations


Ryan Lea

Food & Beverage Manager


Alice Missen

Retail Manager


Karen Roe

Nursery Manager


Natalie Denman

Nursery Deputy Manager


Charlotte Hamilton

Business Development Coordinator


Jamey Jesperson

Business Development Assistant


Sophia Doyle

Events Operations Assistant


Communications and Marketing Team

Laura Hinton

Communications and Marketing Manager


Molly Pearson

Content Producer


Sarah Cochrane



Student Voice Team 

Howard Littler

Student Voice Manager


Jo Swo

Anti-Sexual Violence Campaign Coordinator


Anna Tango Cañete

Academic Representation Coordinator 



Sarah Hazlehurst

Democracy and Campaigns Coordinator


Lou Kendaru

Against Sexual Violence Project Administrator