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Staff List and Contacts

The many smiley, happy faces of the Union Staff and Officers. You'll find email contact info here too.


Officer Team

The Sabbatical Officers are here to represent you, both in public and within the College's governance structures. They can support campaigns, and advise on the Union's own structures to make change such as passing motions in Students’ Forum. The Sabbatical Officers cannot act as caseworkers but they will help where they can and signpost to relevant services where appropriate. There is more information about signposting here.

Sara Bafo

President (for student enquiries)


Hafsa Haji

Welfare and Liberation Officer (for student enquiries)


Niquella Simpson-West

Campaigns and Activities Officer (for student enquiries)


Fowsia Kadiye

Education Officer (for student enquiries)


Senior Management Team

Ed Nedjari

Chief Executive


HR Team

Wala Osman

HR Manager


Finance Team


Welcome Desk

Development and Communities Team

Galina Skvortsov

Development and Communities Manager


Tolu Magbagbeola

Sports Development Coordinator


Clare Phelan

Societies and Communities Coordinator


Advice & Representation Team

Irfan Zaman

Head of Membership


Priya Bose

Senior Adviser (Part Time)


Lou Kendaru

Against Sexual Violence Project Coordinator


Commercial Services Team

Oliver Roscoe

Head of Commercial Operations


Ryan Lea

Food & Beverage Manager


Alice Missen

Retail Manager


Karen Roe

Nursery Manager


Natalie Denman

Nursery Deputy Manager


Communications and Marketing Team

Laura Hinton

Communications and Marketing Manager


Sarah Cochrane