Student Reps, Department Reps, Officers, and Union staff all contribute to several in-depth research projects on student life, academic practice, learning resources, and liberation issues. These help develop the Union’s policies and campaigns, as well as being presented to College-wide governance committees.

We work hard to improve our research capacity: high-quality, student-led research is indispensable in making sure our campaigning is effective and it is highly valued by College staff in developing their policy and practice. Getting involved in research projects is also a great way for students to develop their academic skills and learn more about the way the College is run.


Annual Projects

Department Reps produce one substantial research project per year. These Annual Projects are collated by groups of Reps working across departments, each focused on a different theme, such as assessments and feedback, mental health and wellbeing, or Goldsmiths’ role in the New Cross community. The themes vary from year to year and are set by the Reps themselves. These projects are presented to the College’s senior management team, as well as academic and support staff across the institution.

You can read about previous Annual Projects here.


Union Research

Officers and Union staff will coordinate research projects to support the Union’s campaigning work. These research projects will usually be in response to a specific campaign that students have organised, or to investigate the implementation of motions passed at Student Assembly.

In the first of a new set of major research projects, we've looked into the often hidden costs of completing a final year project as part of a practice-based course. Click here to read the report.

Our latest report is on Religion and Belief at Goldsmiths: The Experiences and Perceptions of Students on Campus. Click here to have a read.