Once a motion is passed at Student Assembly, it becomes policy of the SU. This means that it becomes our stance on a certain issue and shapes the work that we do in this area. Most policies contain a 'This Union Resolves...' section, which outlines what students would like the SU to do.

Below is a list of all our active policy and when it was passed.

Policy passed in 2018/19

Policy passed in 2017/18

Policy passed in 2016/17

  • Support an MA Social Work Fee Strike
  • Schools Against Borders
  • Financially Support Valentina A Lopez from Academics for Peace
  • Opposing All Fee Increases Past the £9,000 Mark.
  • Fossil Free Goldsmiths
  • Boycott Zabludowicz
  • Creation of a Care Leaver and Estranged Students' Part Time Officer
  • Halls Heating
  • Reject the National Union of Students (NUS) National Ballot
  • Creation of a Trans and Non-Binary Students' Part Time Officer
  • Supporting the Every Month Campaign
  • SU to Officially Oppose the New University Regulations
  • Trump the Ban
  • SU Response to the New Student Engagement System
  • Strengthen Disaffiliation from the Socialist Workers Party, Including Affiliates

Policy passed in 2015/16

Policy passed in 2014/15

  • All Power to Staff and Students
  • Support for Commemorative Events
  • Standing up for Student Sex Workers
  • Disafilliation from Socialist Workers Student Society
  • Access to Abortion in the North and South of Ireland
  • Stop Taxing Periods. Period.
  • Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions of Israeli Apartheid
  • Solidarity with Syriza
  • Motion to Campaign for a Full Time BME Officer
  • Fighting for a Full Time Trans Officer in the National Union of Students (NUS)

Policy passed in 2013/14

  • Support the UCU Strike Action
  • Cops Off Campus

Policy passed in 2012/13

  • Activities Inclusion
  • Dissolving of Department Reps for 2012-13 Academic Year
  • Fairer Representation at the National Union of Students (NUS) Conference
  • SU for Public Universities
  • SU Bathroom Policy
  • Housing
  • Lewisham A&E and the NHS
  • Mental Health Campaign
  • Motion to Support the People's Assembly Against Austerity
  • No to Pay Day Loans
  • Protect Independent Stores and the SU Shop
  • Reaffirming No Platform Policy
  • Safe Space Policy
  • Stance on Transphobia
  • Support a Woman's Right to Choose
  • That's What She Said - Lad Culture on Campus