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Motions and Amendments

Motions are policy proposals that are considered at Students' Forum. Any Goldsmiths student can propose or second motions. You can help to shape the Students' Union policy by submitting a motion, discussing and debating it at Students' Forum, and if passed the SU will work on its resolutions.

There are some limits on what a motion can mandate the Union to do: all policy must be legal, especially noting charity and education laws, and take into account the powers and responsibilities of Goldsmiths SU as laid out in our Articles of Association and Bylaws.

Writing Your Motion

Although there is no compulsory style, motions usually follow an established format, which helps to make the document more easily understood:

  1. Give your motion a title.
    The title should provide a concise summary of what the motion is about.
  2. Section one: 'This Union Notes...'.
    This section includes facts and information that can independently be seen to be true.
  3. Section two: 'This Union Believes...'.
    This section contains opinions and things that you consider to be true. Other people may disagree with this section, which can be then discussed and debated at the meeting.
  4. Section three: 'This Union Resolves...'.
    The section outlines what you want Goldsmiths Students' Union to do as a result of the motion.
  5. Optional section four: 'This Union Mandates...'.
    You can also include things that you would like specific elected Officers to work on, for example calling on a specific Full Time Officer to work on a specific action.

Submitting Your Motion

Motions are submitted by filling out this form, or by emailing them to All motions need to be supported by a second Goldsmiths student: your seconder.

The proposer of the motion will be expected to give a speech in support of the motion at the Students' Forum where the motion is discussed. This speech is to provide context and information for students, persuading them to support your motion. Seconders may also give speeches in support or make points from the floor.