Students' Forum

Students' Forum is the democratic forum put in place so that every student can suggest and influence key policies that shape the Union.

**Update: Virtual Students' Forum**

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How can I submit a motion?

You can find our form for submitting motions and some information on how to write a motion here. The dates for submitting a motion in this Students’ Forum are Wednesday 8th April, 12 midday, to Sunday 12th April at 10pm. We will publish the submitted motions the day after closing and there will be a further three days for you to read the motion proposals and submit amendments between Monday 13th April, 12 midday to Wednesday 15th April, midday. Any student may propose an amendment and the Union Chair will then decide if the amendment is accepted or not.

Motions are submitted by filling out this form, or by emailing them to All motions need to be supported by a second Goldsmiths student: your seconder.

Online voting system

Voting will be open to anyone who is a student at Goldsmiths University and each motion will need a minimum of 100 students voting to be legitimate. This Students’ Forum motion voting will be open online Thursday 16th April at 10am and Wednesday 22nd April at 5pm

If you have any additional questions or queries about Students’ Forum, motions or voting please email

Students' Forum prior to Covid-19

This meeting is also the home of change, where any student can bring forward a motion (an agenda of action for the Union to act upon) to be discussed and debated by every student at the meeting. All motions will then go online to be voted on by the whole student body. If passed, motions become policies: see our list of existing policy. If you want to see a change in the Union this is the place to make it happen.

Submit a Motion

Motions are policy proposals which can be submitted for consideration at Students' Forum, where they are discussed, debated and voted on. If passed, they become Students' Union policy and shape the work we do. Click here to find out more about submitting a motion.

If you have missed this deadline your motion may be submitted as an Emergency Motion six hours prior to the start time of the meeting, and the Union Chair will decide whether or not the motion will be brought to the Forum.

SU President Joe Leam submitting a motion at Students' Forum in October 2019

Amendments to Motions

Motions are published before Students' Forum, and if you disagree with all or part of the motion you can attend Students' Forum and speak or vote against it.

Any student may propose an amendment and will be given time at the Students' Forum to outline why they believe it is necessary to make the amendment. The Union Chair will then take a vote from attendees at the Forum to see if the amendment is accepted or not.