Bella Ozdemir

BME Officer

Yasmin Metcalfe

Trans and Non-Binary Students' Officer


Jade Dagwell Douglas

Campaigns Officer


Maciej Zatorski

Housing Officer (role share)


Louise Warberg

Housing Officer (role share)


Catriona Morton 

Disabled Students Officer

Minho Kim 

International Students' Officer

Lindsay Castro 

Ethical and Environmental Officer

Edain Bradley 

LGBTQ+ Students' Officer

Maurice-Childs Smith 

Mature Students' Officer

Omar Abd El Qader 

Palestine Twinning Officer

Shehzida Iqbal

Postgraduate Students' Officer

Shreya Ukil 

Societies Officer

Kierin Offlands

Union Chair

Mahnoor Ali

Sports Officer

Kajul Treebhawon

Volunteering Officer



Join a Part Time Officer Committee 

Joining a Part Time Officer Committee will allow you to make change and have your voice heard by leading liberation events whilst shaping the way the SU works. If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, then sign up here - and you might soon be helping to run events and plan campaigns that really make a difference. 



Student Trustees

Hamza Taouzzale

Student Trustee



Jake Roberts

Student Trustee


Quaid Combstock

Student Trustee



 Anne-Louise Fortune

Student Trustee