Nominations for Part Time Officer elections will open at 11am on Tuesday 6th October until 12 midday on Tuesday 10th November 2020.


Autumn term Part Time Officer Elections

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At the start of each academic year we run elections for our Part Time Officer team. The team is made up of 22 leaders who are elected by the student body to represent them - see below for the full list of positions available. These positions are taken on a voluntary basis and work with the support of the SU throughout the year to make positive change for students at Goldsmiths and in the local community. A number of our Full Time Officers in past years have begun their journey being a Part Time Officer. You can put your name forward for nomination, along with a short manifesto, via a link that wil become avaliable on this page throughout October 2020 (6th October - 10th November). 





Key dates 2020-2021

Nominations period: 6th October - 10th November

Candidate training and support drop ins: 11th November - 17th November

Voting period: 18th November - 25th November

Results: 25th November

Role duration: November 2020 - July 2021


You can read the full Rules & Regulations of these elections by clicking below:

                         For more information on how this years elections will run you can read this article below for more information:



Spring term Full Time Officer Elections


During the Spring term we open our elections for the next year's Full Time Officer team. There are four roles available in the Full Time team and these roles are full time and salary based. You can only run for these positions if you are a current student at Goldsmiths University - some students run in their last year so as to start at the end of their studies but some others choose to take a gap year if they are successfully elected and have a year's pause in their degree. See below to find out more about each position to see which one might suit you best - each looks to make positive change within Goldsmiths University and lead the Students’ Union in their own way. If you are interested in running for any of these positions please note that we will open nominations via this page for these positions throughout February 2021 (8th - 24th).






Key dates 2020-2021

Nominations period: 8th - 24th Feb

Candidate training drop ins: 25th Feb - 9th March

Voting period: 10th - 17th March

Results: 17th March



Elections glossary


Not sure what all the terminology associated with the elections means? Don’t worry, you’re probably not alone! Have a read of our glossary below for all the lingo you need to know if you’re thinking about putting yourself forward for a role, or you’re voting for a candidate…

  • Nomination/Nominating yourself

    The process of putting yourself forward for a role within the Students’ Union. This year we have four Full-Time Officer roles available – President, Welfare and Liberation Officer, Education Officer and Campaigns and Activities Officer and also two NUS Conference Delegate places.

  • Candidate

    A student who nominates themselves for one of the advertised positions (e.g. 'there are four candidates for SU President').

  • Preferential Voting

    A system where voters indicate their first, second and lower choices of several candidates for a single position.

  • Manifesto

    This is a text-based document which details why you’re the best candidate for the role you’re going for and should include your ideas for what you’d prioritise if you were elected into the role (e.g. 'I will campaign for cheaper accommodation for Goldsmiths students'). To ensure every candidate is treated fairly there is a word limit for every role. If you’re a candidate, this is your chance to sell yourself to potential voters.

  • Campaign video

    As a candidate in the election, you will be expected to take part in a 20 second campaign video with the Students’ Union where you will tell potential voters why you are the best person for the role.

  • Candidate Question Time

    An event held just before voting is about to happen, Candidate Question Time is the perfect opportunity to find out who the nominated candidates are and what they stand for. They will be looking to earn the student vote so pop along if you want to hear about the policies, plans or proposals they want to act on if they were to be elected into the role.

  • R.O.N. (Re-open nominations)

    R.O.N. is a candidate you can always vote for if you don’t feel any of the candidates are suitable for the position. R.O.N. appears in every election and if they win it will mean that the election is reopened.

  • Students’ Forum

    The space where Goldsmiths students can suggest and influence key policies that shape the Union and our work. Read more via goldsmithssu.org/studentsforum

  • Quorum

    The minimum number of members of students required to make a vote valid. For an idea to become Students’ Union policy, for example, 100 students at least must vote online.

  • Deputy Returning Officer

    They are the designated person to go to if a candidate has a complaint about the process or thinks a rule has been broken. They will make an initial ruling and judgement according to the election rules.

  • Returning Officer

    This is someone external to the elections process and the organisation. They investigate any appeals made after an outcome of a complaint decided by the Deputy Returning Officer.