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The future of Goldsmiths is in your hands.

Who will lead Goldsmiths students? You decide.

Positions Available: Four Student Trustees & One Union Chair


Nominations are OPEN NOW, and close at noon on Thursday 24th November

Nominations close in 


Voting will occur online from 9am Monday 28th November until 11:59pm Friday 2nd December.


What is a Student Trustee?

  • A Student Trustee will be a member of the Charities Trustee Board that meets quarterly to oversee the Union's operations, ensuring it remains financially stable, healthy and acting within the law. Trustees will be expected to attend the Trustee Board and the Student Union's Executive Committee, also running quarterly, and do any preparation and follow-up work for or from said meetings. 
  • For more information please head to the Trustee Board page

What is a Union Chair?

  • The Student Union Chair will be responsible for chairing the quarterly Student Union's Executive Committee and the Student Forms, including planning the meeting's agenda and taking on any required actions that arise from the Committee.