Decolonising Goldsmiths


The Students' Union has received funding to research the experience of BME students on campus in relation to the attainment gap that exists between BME and white students. Throughout the Spring term, we will be running interviews, focus groups and a survey to gather feedback from students on their experience at Goldsmiths which will be used to make institutional recommendations. Look out for the 'Decolonising Goldsmiths [x Research Project]' signage and take part! 

In addition to our research, we'll also be running regular social events called [x Bricks] and [x Challenging Academic Knowledge] dedicated to decolonising the curriculum and providing space for inclusive knowledge.











Decolonising Goldsmiths [x Research Project]


It is long overdue that the voices of black and minority ethnic people are no longer silenced in higher education. Universities do not exist in a ‘separate bubble’ immune to inequality. For decades students, academics and more have been campaigning for a level playing field in universities for all students regardless of race. Only recently has this begun to receive mainstream attention in the press and government recognition. But there is still a lot of work to be done! Each institution has a responsibility to knock down these barriers.


Therefore, as part of the campaign Decolonising Goldsmiths we are doing a big piece of research from 30th January – 1st March 2019 into the BME student experience in relation to the attainment gap, microaggressions, racism on campus, representation and inclusion. This research project includes:

  • Paid Interviews/Focus Groups:


  • Survey with £100 Prize Draw:


The findings will be anonymous and used to inform institutional (college and students’ union) recommendations and strategies. This is an opportunity to have your voice heard by the key decision makers of Goldsmiths College.


*Please note that only BME students can take part in this research*


*To Note: Advance HE, a leading body in this area, include only “non-white” students in its categorisation of BME in its 2018 Students Statistical Report. Therefore, this research will do the same for the sake of producing comparable data to national research. However, Goldsmiths Students’ Union recognises the limitations of the term ‘BME’ as it assumes that minority ethnic students are a homogenous group, but due to its mass recognition and use in higher education including this area of research, we will be using this term to link to existing literature.