Contact the Advice Service

We offer a confidential service for students who need support with academic appeals and complaints.

This is a confidential service. Only the Goldsmiths Students' Union Advice Service and Data Protection Officer have access to your information.


There is unfortunately a waiting list for the SU Advice Service due to a reduction in our funding. When you reach the top of the waiting list you will be contacted via email to check whether you would still like to receive advice. If we do not receive a response from you within a week you will be removed from the list.  

Unfortunately it may be the case that we will be unable to arrange advice within the deadline. The estimated timeframe is three weeks  If you are at risk of missing a complaints and appeals deadline you may contact or to ask the university to use their discretion to offer additional time. 

We are not able to put you on the waiting list if you require advice about strike complaints. However we have put together a presentation about making a stage 3 strike complaint here.

We are unable to offer any advice about university halls or private accommodation.  It could be helpful to contact ULHS or Shelter.

If the situation you are experiencing is affecting your wellbeing please contact the university wellbeing service.

There is some information about the academic appeals here.

There is some information about the complaints process here.

There is some information about complaints about the effect of covid-19 here. 
If you have been reported for a conduct matter (non-academic) there is some information here.
If you have received an academic misconduct allegation there is some information here.


If you would like to discuss having your record stored as an anonymous case please contact for an initial conversation.

Some data will be anonymised and used for statistical analysis.

We are currently able to offer advice about the following issues: 

  • If you have been are or being withdrawn, dismissed or referred to Academic Progress Committee by the college or your academic department.
  • If you would like to make an appeal against a grade and have received the confirmed result (the transcript has been published). 
  • If you would like to make a stage 2 complaint about a non-accommodation matter
  • If you have received an allegation of academic misconduct.
  • If you have been accused of a student conduct issue.

Please fill in this form to be added to our waiting list.