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Academic Appeals

Find out how to lodge an appeal if your final grade has been significantly impacted by something.

If your performance in university assessments has been significantly impacted by something and
you haven’t achieved the mark you expected, you may be able to lodge an appeal.

Please read the following guide below explaining how the SU Advice Service can support you through this process.


Get support from the SU Advice Service


Notice - August 2022

We aim to respond to enquiries within four working days. However, please note that due to a high volume of enquiries, it may take up to one week for our advisers to respond.
For all enquiries, please complete this form to get in touch and include any relevant deadlines (e.g. responding to academic misconduct and final grade appeals).


Watch the video below for a quick tour through the appeals process.


What can I appeal?

The grounds which you can appeal are:

  • Extenuating circumstances that you were unaware of at the time, therefore unable to disclose.
  • If the college made a mistake, which is known as an administrative error or procedural irregularity.
  • If there is evidence of prejudice or bias against you.

Unfortunately the College will not consider an appeal if you are questioning academic judgement i.e. if you disagree with the mark you have been awarded.


Find out more about the College's grounds for appeal.

When can I appeal?

Formal appeals, known as Stage Two appeals, can only be submitted at the end of the academic year, when final decisions on marks, progression decisions and degree classifications are made by the Board of Examiners for each academic department.


You can only appeal:

  • After your Transcript of Results has been published online.
  • Within 21 days your transcript being published online*

*If your appeal is late, you will need to provide evidence that you were medically unable to engage with the appeal procedure within the 21-day timeframe.


At any other time, you should raise concerns with your academic department or use the student complaints process – for example, support during your studies or feedback on formative assessments.


Find out more about the College's rules and processes for Academic Appeals.

How do I appeal?

The appeals process is split into three stages:


Stage One: informal resolution

The first step is to discuss your concerns with your personal tutor, Departmental Senior Tutor or Programme Convenor to gain clarification of an assessment or decision.


They should be able to explain how the decision was reached and what may be achievable if you decide to submit a formal appeal.


Stage Two: formal appeal

If you have decided, after Stage One, to continue your appeal, you will need to submit an appeal form. You can find out more information about Stage Two appeals here.


This form will ask you for details about your appeal and give you the opportunity to upload evidence to support your appeal.


Stage Three: request a review

If you’re unhappy with the outcome of your Stage Two appeal, you may be able to request a final internal review of your appeal if you have grounds for review.


You must do this within one month of receiving your Stage Two decision. Find out how to request a final internal review here.

How do I request a review (Stage Three)?

If you're unhappy with the outcome of your Stage Two appeal, you may be able to request a final internal review within one month of receiving your Stage Two decision on the following grounds:

  • There were procedural irregularities in the conduct of the appeal
  • Fresh evidence can be presented which could not reasonably have been made available with submission of the Stage Two Form
  • The outcome of the appeal was not reasonable in all the circumstances

Find out more about how the review works and the form to submit your Stage Three appeal.

How can we help?

Advisers from the SU Advice Service are on hand to support you through the appeals process by:

  • Talking through the appeals process and your circumstances to see whether you have grounds for appeal
  • Guiding you through how to complete the Stage Two formal appeal form
  • Advising on what to include in your appeal statement
  • Helping you to understand your outcome and assessing whether you have grounds to request a Stage Three review

Please note, we are currently experiencing a high number of student enquiries at this time. The estimated time frame for receiving advice is 3-4 weeks.


If you are at risk of missing an appeals deadline, you may want to contact to ask them to use their discretion to extend the deadline.


To get in touch, fill out this short form or click the button below. Please include details about your appeal, including any deadlines.


Get support from the SU Advice Service

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