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The English Society aims to provide their members with regular social, academic, and creative opportunities.

The English Society is one of the biggest and most active societies within Goldsmiths. Established with our students in mind, we aim to provide you with a wide variety of academic, social, creative and networking events. Our purpose is to create a platform that might help students interact with each other on different levels, while exploring their creativity and learning more about their opportunities for the future. Whether you're studying English literature, enjoy getting engrossed in a good book, or simply want to make friends in a relaxed and creative enviroment, the English Society is the place for you. 


We host events such as pub socials, career panels, academic and creative writing readings in collaboration with the ECL Department, and our famous Sinners’ Club, but we are always working in order to bring new ideas to the table and really value our members' input in order to explore new possibilities. 

At least once a term we hold a student led reading evening known as ''Sinners Club.'' Sinners’ Club is a supportive, judgement free event for students to showcase their work to other students in a relaxed environment, which includes free wine and snacks, candles and music. We welcome poets, fiction writers, playwrights, or performers. We love the range and variety of readings and performances and always encourage new readers to join us. It is a great opportunity for students to explore their creativity outside of their academic lives. In 2015/16, we explored new themes for Sinners’ Club, such as “Sinners’ Cub goes to Church”, which was hosted in St. James’s Hatcham Church accompanied by chocolate fondue, live music, candles, fairy lights, and our notorious confession box. In May 2016 we hosted a tropical themed Sinners’ Club to celebrate the end of summer term, and we will be working on new and fun themes in 2016/17, so make sure you keep an eye on our Facebook group (link below). 

We host pub socials a couple of times a term in a local pub, at the moment The Fat Walrus, especially around the beginning and end of terms (and right after essay deadlines, because we all know there's no better way to celebrate your hand-in than a few drinks). 

We offer academic support in the guise of our annual You've Got Options events for first and second years, in which they can chat to people in the year above them about the courses they're thinking about taking and make sure they know what they want to do before they sign onto any courses. Our Facebook page is also constantly checked by ECL aficionados, so any questions asked there will definitely get answered.   

We want to offer you guys as many opportunities as possible, and are always trying to keep things interesting and creative! 


We're a large and active society, and we love hearing requests and suggestions from our members for events and activities we could run. Every year, applications open for new committee members, because as much as they'd love to, once they're in their final year our current president and committee members won't be able to participate as much: if you're in first or second year and you're interested in having more responsibility for what happens within the English Society, keep your eyes peeled for updates about our committee applications! We're always looking for enthusiastic and reliable humans, and that could certainly be you.


Membership for the year is £3, which gets you free entry to all our events, as well as all the free wine and snacks.

For more information about the Society, check out our Facebook and Twitter pages: 







Sorry, there are no memberships available to purchase.


Sorry, there are no memberships available to purchase.