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GoldReel Acting and Filmmaking Society

Welcome to GoldReel Acting and Filmmaking! 

Formerly the Acting and Fillmmaking Society, we are from this year onwards a Goldsmiths Media Group. 

This society was founded to provide you with the opportunity to:

  • Develop or further develop your filmmaking and acting skills.
  • Bring yourself on a stage.
  • Learn through weekly workshops how the Acting- and Filmmaking world works.
  • Showcase your work in front of an audience.


The group is split into two main parts, the acting-part and the filming-part. We have weekly workshops in both acting and filmmaking. During the autumn term we will also work in small production companys each week where we bring actors and filmmakers together. 

Prospective actors and actresses will have a chance to work and meet up on a weekly basis. These sessions contain scriptwork, improvisation and the opportunity to work with other actors. Everyone is invited to give constructive feedback throughout every session. These sessions are meant to provide positive guidance for everyone. We don't want competitive behaviour within our sessions to provide everyone with a stress-free work-environment.

On the Filmmaking site we are having weekly workshops about the process of making a film. There will be pre-production, screenwriting, cinematography, editing and much more hands-on workshops, where everyone can expand their skills. Besides from those weekly meetings we are working each term on at least one big film, which will be showcased in front of a big audience. Everyone is also invited to pitch ideas for short films. We aim to provide you with a big filmmaker's network at Goldsmiths! 

One of the group's core principles is a hard-working but stress-free environment! We want to enable every actor with a wish to be on film or on stage with a chance to do so, without holding audition processes. As for filmmakers, it doesn't matter how much you know: we are all here to learn and have fun while doing so! 




  • GoldReel Membership£5.00


  • GoldReel Membership£5.00