Academic Communities

The Academic Communities Fund provides money and staff time to build a community within your department...

**During these uncertain times, we know it’s important that you feel like you’re a part of a community, so we’ve created 21 Departmental Hub Facebook groups for you to connect with those on your course. Find yours here.**


We can provide funding for events, trips and socials for you and your coursemates.

At Goldsmiths, we think it’s really important that you feel a part of a community whilst studying. Research has proven that students have a more enjoyable experience at university and perform better academically when they feel a part of a community. The community that you will most likely communicate and engage with the most is your academic department.  
With this in mind, the Academic Communities Fund was launched in 2017, which provides money and staff time to help you develop a community within your department. Over the past two years, the events, trips and socials that you have brought to the Academic Communities Team have reached over 8,000 students each year.  
We want the fund to expand and support even more students this academic year, with the hope that it will help you socialise, make friends/support groups, experience London and be academically beneficial to what you’re learning on your course.



For this to happen, we need your ideas!

If you have an idea that would help to bring together students in your department, we want you to get in touch: simply fill out the form below, and we’ll get back to you. Please check out our FAQs and the 2019/20 criteria before submitting your application.

We've also put together some event inspiration, with examples of things we've funded before, to help you to come up with your own department-based events and trips.


To apply to the Academic Communities Fund, please click here.