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Teaching Awards

The Student-Led Teaching Awards (SLTA) aim to celebrate outstanding teaching and the staff members who make Goldsmiths what it is. Any Goldsmiths student can nominate their tutors and support staff.

The Goldsmiths Student-Led Teaching Awards aim to celebrate outstanding teaching and the staff members who make Goldsmiths what it is. Students can nominate any University staff member, either academic or non-academic, in six distinct categories, including inspiring teaching, use of contemporary research, and non-academic staff going above and beyond for students. All nominations are considered by a panel of students and the overall winners ar announced at the July Graduation ceremonies.


Previous winner Dr Carla Figueria with her Student Led Teaching Award alongside Joe Leam, SU President.


Criteria For Awards 

There are six awards available, including two new categories this year. They are:

CATEGORY ONE: Challenging or Inspiring Teaching
This can be for a lecturer, seminar, workshop or class leader who encourages self learning, debate and critical thinking amongst students, whether that’s through their extensive knowledge of the subject, challenging perspective, engaging style, or simply their keenness to teach.

CATEGORY TWO: Outstanding Use of Research in Teaching
This is for an academic staff member (including postgraduate students who teach) who have involved students in their research, this could be through teaching their research to students or involving students in the practical element of their research including its publication. Both research and practice are eligible.


CATEGORY THREE: Compelling or Diverse Curriculum Content
This award is for an academic department and is related to content of teaching and curriculum. It can be for compelling course content, diverse content, or both of the above.
One of the key campaigns of Goldsmiths Students' Union recently has been 'Diversifying the Curriculum', aimed at taking academia beyond an outdated and Eurocentric canon. This category therefore can be awarded to a Programme you feel is representative of the student body (e.g. an ethnically diverse list of authors in the reading list) or course content that excites, interests and compels you to be fascinated by the subject you are learning about.  

SPECIAL NON-TEACHING CATEGORY FOUR: Non-Academic or Support Staff Member who has gone above and beyond
This is an award for a support, administrative or professional services (non-academic) staff member who has consistently gone above and beyond the call of duty to help and support the student body. This can be awarded to non-teaching staff within and outside of academic departments.


CATEGORY FIVE: Outstanding Use of Technology in Teaching

This award is for innovative use of technology in teaching or teaching-related activities. It could be for a taught module or something extra, such as the Academic Skills Centre or Library. This can include or extend beyond the use of Goldsmiths’ Virtual Learning Environment, It could include such things as online quizzes, discussions, games, videos, virtual reality, interactive personalised learning pathways – the sky’s the limit.

CATEGORY SIX: Outstanding Contribution to Helping Foster Communities

This award is for any member of staff that has been instrumental in helping to foster a sense of community in their department and/or beyond. They may have devised or supported societies, events, initiative or activities that contribute to a culture of belonging at Goldsmiths, even reaching out to the local community. For example, a member of staff may have provided a particularly effective means for bringing students together using forums. They may have helped organise study groups or social groups. They might be particularly skilled at helping to conduct ice breakers so that a cohort of students get to know one another and feel like part of a community. This award can also be awarded to non-teaching staff within and outside of academic departments.


Want to nominate?
Nominating will take no more than five minutes, and you can nominate in one category or all four. You will need your student number. (Nominations are currently closed).


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