Freshers Perspective of Goldsmiths Hockey

When I became a fresher last year, I was determined to experience new things, make friends and step out of my comfort zone. The perfect opportunity to tick these goals off was through Goldsmiths Hockey Club.

Before I joined the team, I was a bit concerned that I would not be accepted as I had no idea how to play — let alone know how to hold the stick properly! But after talking to a few members at the welcome fair and reassured that no experience was needed, I immediately signed up.

The first few months of the season were the hardest because I was learning to play from scratch and did not have the confidence to really get involved in a game. I attended the weekly training which did help to improve my skills, as they cater for all abilities but admittedly, I did feel like giving up and leaving the team to find something ‘easier’ to do.

However, the team supported me and cheered me on no matter how badly I played, which highlighted to me the teamwork and friendships that are created in the club. The SU also recognised this when Goldsmiths Hockey Club was awarded ‘Team of the Year’ for the second year running.

Aside from my degree, being a member of the hockey team was one of the best decisions that I could have made!


"We were jealous of the Hockey socials last year" — Goldsmiths RFC

The team is more than just a sport. As one of the most popular sports team on campus, the hockey team is known for their fun socials, curry nights and regular trips to the Marquis — the rugby team have even said “we were jealous of the Hockey socials last year”! As someone who commutes from home to university, being in the team has been a great way to make friends with people from all courses and years.

A new and exciting event for the team last year was competing in the Blackpool Hockey Festival with other universities and clubs, which is something they hope to do again. Goldsmith HC have big plans for our socials this year (but you will have to join the team to find out what they are)…

With the aims of being to win varsity against rivals UAL and extend the awareness of hockey as the most gender-equal sport at Goldsmiths, the hockey team are looking to recruit new and old players; all you need is determination and an interest to be a part of a great team!

Interested in joining us? Visit the page below to buy membership!