Are you joining us at Goldsmiths this September?

If you've recently found out that you'll soon be joining us at Goldsmiths, then CONGRATULATIONS as those long months of revision and exams have officially paid off! 


So who are we? 

Goldsmiths Students’ Union is a democratic and charitable organisation that works independently from the University to represent and support students. We’ll be here for you throughout your student life, providing activities, events, societies and sports, as well as support and advice through tougher times. 


Student Consultation: Your Welcome Week, Shaped By You

For new students, you may be asking: what will your first weeks and months at university look and feel like under the ‘new normal’ guidance from the government around Covid-19? The University is working to reopen our campus ahead of the 2020/21 academic year and learning will be delivered through a mix of online and in-person, with online induction activities from 28th September 2020.

As your Union, we want to amplify the student voice. What do you most look forward to from your first week at university? Maybe you want to meet new people, find those who share similar interests, or learn about how you can get involved with activism on campus. Please fill in our Welcome Week 2020 Survey, if you haven't already. 

We're asking for your opinions to shape how we plan Welcome Week, our biggest events programme of the year. The intention of Welcome Week is to, well, welcome you to our university community and introduce you to some of the fun and exciting opportunities available to you as a student at Goldsmiths. Here’s what you’ve told us so far in the survey…

Forms response chart. Question title: Which of the following would you prefer to see for Welcome Week? . Number of responses: 456 responses.

Over 87% of new students who responded think we should have a mix of online events and events that are on campus with Covid-secure measures. Do you agree, or do you think we should be going totally virtual? Tell us through our survey: Your Welcome Week, Shaped By You.

Forms response chart. Question title: What are you most keen to experience as part of Welcome Week?. Number of responses: 456 responses.

As you can see from above, currently, 84.6% of new students who have responded have said meeting friends and socialising is the most important experience when coming to university. Do you agree or disagree?

Forms response chart. Question title: How much would you potentially be willing to pay to attend a virtual event? . Number of responses: 456 responses.

And it seems like the majority of our new students think you should be able to 'pay what you can afford' on flexible ticket tariffs for our events, making things accessible for all. What do you think? Let us know!


What kind of things are we currently planning?

As well as your online enrolment and inductions in your course department, we are planning a range of events, including...

  • Your Guide to Getting Involved in Activism at University
  • Musical Theatre Festival in collaboration with students from the Theatre and Performance Department

  • Virtual Welcome Fair where you can join societies, sports clubs and liberation networks

What events do you want to see in Welcome Week? Tell us! And keep an eye on our Welcome Week page which we will update with planned events. 


Students as Co-Creators

At Goldsmiths, we are proud to have an outstanding community of student leaders, from societies, sports clubs, activist groups and liberation networks. Welcome Week allows us to show you some of the amazing work our students have done and continue to do on campus and online to bring like-minded people together.

For those of you who are joining Goldsmiths this year, we know things are nowhere near ‘normal.' Any other year, you might have been itching to jump off the train at New Cross Gate and get onto campus right away. The situation we are looking at this year is more reserved, with a focus on diligent planning for a Welcome Week tthat makes students feel safe. We want a Welcome that supports the idea that students aren't our customers (hello, down with the marketisation of higher education!) but members of our community. We don’t want the same old thing, we want an ever-changing and improving experience for you.

We are here to support you and empower you to help us make that change, so please, don’t hesitate to tell us what you think. 

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