Open letter from the Sabbatical Officers to the Warden, Frances Corner

Dear Frances and Dinah,
In our last letter, signed by almost 600 staff and students, we demanded that all plans for Evolving Goldsmiths be halted with immediate effect, and a discussion on how to deal with the financial situation the college finds itself in is started as soon as possible.
 We read on Staff News that there will be Warden’s Open meetings, separated by School, Academic staff and Professional Services staff, scheduled during the Reading Week. We do not believe that these meetings will offer a satisfactory forum, given the immense concern regarding this plan expressed collectively by students, Heads of Department, Departmental Business Managers, administrative staff, professional services, academic staff and all campus unions and students. It is crucial that we have the opportunity to come together as a community to respond to Evolving Goldsmiths and to be heard. To this end, we request an open meeting for all staff and students with the Chair of Council and ALL members of the Senior Management team. (The Warden, the Deputy Warden, the Registrar and Secretary, the Interim Director of Finance, the Director of Human Resources, the Pro-Warden International, and the Pro-Warden Research and Enterprise).
 The newly restored Great Hall would afford the space required for such a meeting and — as many staff and students are away during Reading Week — we suggest this take place either the week commencing 10 February, or on one of the non-strike days in the following weeks.
 Given that Evolving Goldsmiths, in spite of its claims, is built on absolutely no consultation with either the staff or students in whose name it has been generated, we feel that this is the very least that SMT and Council can do to begin to address what has been a major breach of trust between staff, students and university management that has caused significant levels of anxiety on campus.
It is important that we don’t just hear the performative talk of transparency, community, social justice, and branding like ONE Goldsmiths, but that we are actually embedding these principles into the process of how we plan and respond to our current issues with financial management.
Any future for Goldsmiths must be built on meaningful dialogue.
Involving Goldsmiths Group
SU Sabbatical Officers
UCU Executive