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BHM: Help for black students

Over the past few months we’ve posted several blogs with resources for Black students who are the targets of racist behaviour, both within the university and outside it. For Black History Month we’ve updated and consolidated them into one mighty list of resources!


For mental health support


BIPOC - they offer free mental health assessments (via phone) for North London residents


Maytree - free support for those feeling suicidal, in London, and a place to stay for free 


Switchboard - they offer free phone consultations and support for LGBTQI+ across the UK 


The Free Psychotherapy Network - a free therapists network (UK wide)


Glitch UK - free digital self care, self defence training and advice for BLM activists and campaigners 


Growing Minds Hackney - offer phone consultations (you can self refer) for ages 9-25 years, folx of African, Caribbean and mixed heritage 


Chit Chat UK - for confidential chats via DM 


Black Minds Matter - supporting accessible healthcare for Black people in the UK 


Body & Soul Initaitive - supporting Black families with a weekly live stream



For legal support and advice


Here’s a list of UK lawyers assisting Black Lives Matter cases pro bono


An organisation supporting BLM movements and BAME people


Mind UK have several services to support Black young men with their mental health, as they are are far more likely than others to be diagnosed with severe mental health problems and are also far more likely to be sectioned under the Mental Health Act


Green and Black Cross - aid for several social justice struggles


The Monitoring Group - they are anti-racist charity that promotes civil rights. You can report racial abuse to them and receive support.


UK BAME represents the diverse collective interests of the UK’s Black and Minority Ethnic communities who expressed interest or require assistance in developing: Small Businesses, Community Groups, Family LifeStyle, Career Opportunities as well as advice for everyday living.



For racist incidents within Goldsmiths University


If you have been a victim of racism or have witnessed racist behaviour directed at a Black student within the uni, there are a few points of contact.


Racism at Goldsmiths is a disciplinary offence, and the College released a statement on racism, declaring their zero-tolerance policy. We understand that it can be reallydifficult to confront staff or fellow students directly about their actions, so we recommend contacting the Student Centre.


We can also support you here at Goldsmiths SU. Our Advice Team will be able to guide you through the process of making a formal complaint about racism and, if necessary, getting in touch with the Office of the Independent Adjudicator. To report racist behaviour within the SU, use our Complaints Service.