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Your nominees revealed...

The nominations for our Part-Time Officer elections are now closed and overall we had an amazing 28 students who put themselves forward for roles in the Part-Time Officer team.

We are very pleased to introduce you to the students who will soon be asking for your votes in the Part-Time Officer elections between the 18th - 25th November. We will have full manifestos for you to read during voting week but for now the official announcement is as follows…

Note: If you are interested in any of the roles marked '0 nominees' please feel free to email before Monday 16th November for a chance to still be involved.


Liberation Part-Time Officers 

BME Students’ Officer (1 nominee)

Lydia Aitcheson


Disabled Students’ Officer (2 nominees)

Bamidele Soyoye 

Bella Aleksandrova


LGBTQ+ Students' Officer (2 nominees)

Isabella Smith

Nishat Seema


Trans & Non-binary Students’ Officer (1 nominee)

Sam Chappell


Women’s Officer (4 nominees)

Ella Louise Clancy

Jemima Miah

Kocoa Brown & Alexandra Murray-Reynolds

Abigail Porter


Community Part-Time Officers

International Students’ Officer (1 nominee)

Roshani Shrestha


Mature Students’ Officer (1 nominee)

Mioara Crenganis


Student Parents & Carers Officer (1 nominee)

Cristian [no surname given]


Care Leavers & Estranged Students’ Officer (0 nominees)


Postgraduate Students’ Officer (1 nominee)

Elizabeth Aird


Project Part-Time Officers

Housing Officer (1 nominee)

Luke Sullivan


Societies Officer (2 nominees)

Luca Venerus

Paulo Rodrigues Ortiz


Volunteering Officer (2 nominees)

Gemma Hedge

Diana Bapary


Campaigns Officer (1 nominee)

Haille Sleeman


Palestine Twinning Officer (0 nominees)


Ethical & Environmental Officer (0 nominees)


Sports Officer (0 nominees)


Operational Roles 


Union Chair (1 nominee)

Oscar Hadwin-Guardiola


Student Trustee x4 (6 nominees)

Samule Hanson

Lina Charafeddine

Saranyaa Goel

George-Håkon Benson

Tegan Easterbrook

Raymond [no surname given]