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Your Welcome Week, Shaped By You: Survey Results…

Over a month-long period we asked as many current and new students as possible to fill in our Welcome Week Survey to help us plan for the academic year. With Covid-19 still a massive part of all our lives, we feel it’s important for you, our student body, to lead and shape our conversations around ‘Welcome’ this year and to become co-creators in that planning process. 

We’re now sharing the results from the survey, where we consulted over 1,000 students (approx 10% of our student body). For clarification, 71.7% of those surveyed were new students and 28.3% were returning for another year. 

We hope this transparent approach will show you the steps we are making to amplify student voices as part of our Welcome Week experience. 


In brief, here are some of the things you told us, and what we’re planning in response...


Your priorities: For both new and returning students, ‘making friends and socialising’ was the number one priority, so this is something we will embed into every online or socially distanced event that we hold. 


New students: What kind of events would you favour for a virtual welcome experience? 

  • 62% of you told us you were most interested in attending virtual pub quizzes and drag nights 
  • 54.1% would like live sport and exercise sessions 
  • 29.6% favoured tour videos of campus/surrounding areas

*We know, that doesn’t add up to 100%. That’s because participants could choose multiple options for these questions. 


So what have we planned so far?

  • We’re hosting a virtual Trashy Tuesdays with ROSE XO quiz night with games, quizzes and prizes
  • Gold Runners, our running society will be doing some safe socially-distanced runs outdoors in the local area 
  • We’re shooting lots of virtual tours around campus so you can get a real feel for the building and local area, even if you can’t physically be there 


New students: Would you prefer one virtual event per day over a week-long period or one bigger virtual event a week spread out over a month-long period? 

  • 62% preferred the week of events
  • 38% a month of dedicated welcome events


So what have we planned? 

We’d like to think it’s the best of both worlds! While our main focus for Welcome  events will be for the week itself (w/c 28th Sep), our societies and sports clubs will continue to showcase all they have to offer in the run up to, and after, Welcome Week. 


The Welcome Fair

Traditionally, the Welcome Fair is your opportunity to meet representatives from one of the 100+ student groups we have on offer at the SU. It’s also a space for you to meet a whole bunch of new people and make friends - something we know is a priority for you.

We directed this question to our student leaders (108 to be precise) because the Welcome Fair is particularly important for them as it’s also an opportunity for them to meet lots of new students in one setting and showcase their activities to prospective members.


So what have we planned? 

Across the board, all of our ideas for an alternative Welcome Fair were well received, but the most popular ideas were those which gave each society their own space, virtual event or online spotlight in which they could introduce themselves. We will therefore be creating a virtual Welcome Fair experience this year (more details to follow soon!) where you’ll be able to login, virtually browse stalls, sit at virtual tables and meet all the societies, communities and clubs on offer. 


To read the survey report in full (we'd recommend you take a look!) click here.