Our favourite friends...

You're on lockdown, the university is closed and nobody is sure when life will get back to normal... BUT cute animal pics always make everything better, right? So, to brighten up everyone's day we thought we'd introduce you to some of our SU pets who bring us much joy! 

Pelusa Tango Cañete

I adore mandarins, they’re my biggest weakness. I can smell them from several rooms away! My owner, Anna, is the Academic Representation Coordinator. She works with reps from 19 departments to ensure students' voices are heard. 



My name is Bijoux - I used to live with Lisa, the SU Finance Manager.  I enjoy the sunshine and the warmth that spring brings!



I’m Betsy! I’m a bit of a drama queen with a lot of chaotic energy. My pal. Charlotte, is the SU Business Development Coordindator!



Hey, I’m Dilly! I love to eat carrots and swim in the sea. I miss Molly, the SU Content Producer, as I’m busy keeping her grandparents company in isolation at the mo.



I'm not really a pet but I regularly visit Nursery Deputy Manager Natalie. I’m always losing my nuts! Hopefully social distancing won’t keep keep me away over the next few weeks.



Distance only makes the heart grow fonder for me, as I might live thousands of miles apart from Mona, the SU Welfare & Liberation Officer, but she’ll always be my best friend!



Yo! I’m Lulu and my owner is Clare, the Academic Communities Coordinator - she supports all the academic departments at Goldsmiths. I love sunbathing, napping and eating tuna, while Clare prefers her Sunbites! 



I’m Norman - I spent a lot of my time yawning and sticking my tongue out. My owner, Saner, works in the SU Cafe, and he makes some fantastic brownies. (When the SU is back open, make sure you try them out!) 



I like sunbathing and carrying sticks that are too big for my mouth. I also enjoy hanging out with Howard, the Student Voice Manager.. I suppose he's alright! 



I can be quite clingy but I’m very loyal! Like my pal Laura, the Communications Manager, I enjoy a bit of social media and have my own insta page @alfie_life_7 



I’m Tia, a retired racing greyhound that my owner Alfred, SU Receptionist, adopted from Battersea. I’m an absolute couch potato. My three fave things are Alfred, apples and bananas!