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Why you should vote in the SU Elections...

At Goldsmiths SU, we’re run by students, for students, and we are super excited to see who is going to be leading our team next year!

Why are the elections such a big deal?

In the elections the Goldsmiths population, you, the student body, elect four Full-Time Officers into paid and full-time roles. These elected students, known as Full-Time Officers will represent your concerns and views on issues such as welfare, finance and academia and run campaigns to improve the student experience at Goldsmiths. To read about what each Full-Time Officer does in more detail, head to the Elections page on our website, where you’ll find the full job description for each role!

You’ll also be voting for two NUS Delegates, whose job is to represent Goldsmiths students and the Students’ Union on a national scale at the National Union of Students Conference 2021, alongside the SU President. These are part-time and voluntary roles. 

Here’s 5 reasons why we think it’s so important that you have your say…. 

1. The Full-Time Officers are your voice to the University, meeting with senior leadership 

The Full-Time Officers are your port of call. They’ll represent you and your interests to the senior management team. If you’re frustrated or dissatisfied with something in particular about student life, chances are that one of the candidates feels the same way and can raise it on your behalf!

2. You’d like to improve both the SU and the university.

We know that we need to improve as an SU - we can always do better, and we are committed to doing just that. Voting allows you to have a real impact on your Students’ Union and the decisions that are made here. If you vote, you’ll know that a representative YOU elected is holding both us, and the College, to account.

3. You’re part of a club, sports team or society

Maybe you’re not hugely into protests or campaigning… but you ARE a loyal member of one of the university societies, clubs and sports teams, which can’t run without the Students’ Union! Helping to elect enthusiastic and motivated Full-Time Officers helps to ensure that the activities you’re passionate about keep running and change for the better!

4. Getting involved in student politics is a must

Voting is essential. You wouldn’t pass up the chance to exercise your democratic right in a general election - so why would you do that for the Union that supports your education? Not everyone wants to make the year-long commitment to being a Full-Time Officer - but everyone can vote quickly and easily via the SU website.

5. Change is needed

We know that the last few years at Goldsmiths have been turbulent for all students, with SMT pay cuts leading to striking lecturers and university staff, followed by the year-long turmoil of COVID-19. These things have impacted your studies considerably - and you need to be sure that you have SU representatives that truly have your best interests at heart.

Have we convinced you yet? Click here to vote!