Why YOUR vote matters!

Use your vote to choose the Full-Time Officer candidates you think will represent you best and ensure that they have the power to make change and ultimately improve your university experience. If you’re not already convinced, here are some more reasons why your vote matters in the SU elections…
1.    The Full-Time Officers influence university decisions at the highest level. 
The students you elect have access to the highest level of decision-making at Goldsmiths. In the past, this has led to major wins for students and it can lead to the policies you vote for becoming a reality.
2.    You don’t currently feel represented. 
You can do something to change that! The Full-Time Officers are your voice to the university. If you want a different kind of Officer then vote for a new one! They work for you, so challenge them while they’re in office and challenge candidates to be the best candidates they can be to get your vote.
3.    You’re frustrated by university services. 
The Full-Time Officers have a seat on almost every senior university decision-making body… and if they’re not, they tend to make a fuss before they are! Let them be your voice on the issues you care about.
4.    You have a mate running and you think they’ll be ace…
Amazing. The elections are often very close and candidates can sometimes win by a small margin. That means your vote can make the difference between one vision for the Students’ Union and another completely different one.  
5.    You care about the value of your degree. 
The SU needs leaders who can drive quality in teaching and work with the university on best practice.
6.    It’s easy-peasy!
Voting is all done online here - goldsmithssu.org/elections - where you can also view the student manifestos and choose who to vote for. We use a system of preferential voting where voters, AKA you, get to indicate their first, second and lower choices of several candidates for a single position.
Of course, you don’t have to vote – it’s both a right and a privilege but not an obligation. BUT voting is your chance to influence so many things that affect your life here. This affects not only the Union's policies and services, but also the way in which you are represented to the University, the Government and other organisations. 
We look forward to (hopefully) receiving your vote!