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Where to find paid internships and jobs right now...

We know that unpaid internships and low-paid jobs are frustratingly rife in the arts, design and media sectors despite being illegal, unfair and exploitative. The upside is that there are also plenty of paid opportunities in these sectors if you know where to look. To kick-start your job hunt, here’s a brief pick of sites which only offer paid and good-quality internships and jobs.


1. Pay Interns

This is a useful compendium of companies and studios in London that pay the London Living wage to their design and creative interns (currently £10.20 per hour). It was set up by duo Gabriel and Barron who use submissions from ex and current workers, and is modelled on this New York City version.  


2. Mediargh

Mediargh is jam-packed with opportunities and practical advice on all things media. Between 100 and 300 media jobs and paid internships are added to its job site each week. The platform sticks to its founding principles of fairness and accessibility and does not advertise any unpaid internships. 


3. Charities

Are you an activist in the making? We asked Goldsmiths students for their recommendations when job hunting, and they advised volunteering: ‘By starting to volunteer at a local charity, you will be in the loop when jobs come up!’ Sound advice, and a great way to gain experience in the not-for-profit sector while working for a cause you’re passionate about! Take a look on CharityJob for a list of internships and entry-level roles.


4. Work In Startups

Work In Startups offers work and internships in small, independent startups. Not only are these a great place to gain experience, but they’re also easy to fit around. You can even filter by ‘furlough only’, which is pretty ideal if you have a job but want to earn a little more cash while you’re being furloughed.


5. Goldsmiths 

This one’s right under your nose. Both Goldsmiths and Goldsmiths Students’ Union offer internships and a range of part-time and full-time jobs that pay at least the London Living Wage. Check out our jobs page for part-time roles in the Students’ Union. The College also have a careers page with an array of handy tips covering how to find a job, write a CV and interview practice.