How we're preparing for next year...

Since the start of the pandemic we've been working hard to prepare for a return to Goldsmiths. Throughout this period a number of SU staff and Sabbatical Officers have had regular meetings with colleagues in the University through five Covid workstreams which were set up to strengthen Goldsmiths response to Covid-19.

These are:

  • Academic Administration
  • Student Support
  • Learning and Teaching
  • Civic Responsibility
  • International and Immigration

The aim of the workstream structure was to bring people together from across the institution to share knowledge and expertise. The workstreams have been reporting on progress and escalating risks, issues and decisions to be made. There is also at least one member of the Students’ Union staff and/or Sabbatical Officers on each workstream, so we’ve been feeding in thoughts, ideas and feedback on your behalf.

Our own SU ‘Covid-19 team’ then meet weekly to discuss and agree our next steps in response to the pandemic.

Alongside these meetings, we've been welcoming feedback from you, the student body. So far, this has been achieved through meetings with our Sabbatical Officers, student reps, SU social media, online polls, student surveys and many more. 

All of the above has helped us to know what to lobby the college on your behalf and to work out our priorities for the year ahead, which are highlighted here. 

We hope this was helpful and will share more updates about progress being made for the new academic year as soon as we can!