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What happens at a Goldsmiths Wellbeing Appointment?

Asking for help is never easy… but sometimes it can make things better, or at least easier to manage, by talking it through with an expert. For those of you who find the prospect of reaching out to the University Wellbeing team a little daunting (totally understandable!) we thought we’d share the steps of what happens at a Wellbeing appointment…

1) You meet the Wellbeing team for an introduction, where they will explain issues around confidentiality within the service.

2) They’ll discuss any ongoing issues you require support around and refer you to the registration form for any information which may not have been mentioned.

3) Next, they’ll provide advice surrounding support within the University (such as counselling, academic support, extenuating circumstances, disability support, financial support, report and support, accommodation, chaplaincy, careers,) and also external support (substance misuse, domestic violence, sexual violence, counselling, GP, specialist mental health support, legal support, financial support, accommodation).

4) They’ll assess your level of risk - whether you’re able to keep yourself safe/ whether you are in need of immediate support or referrals to specialist agencies.

5) They’ll then discuss options going forward: whether you require any help with referrals/whether you wish to have regular check ins.

6) And last but not least, they’ll answer any questions you might still have.


We hope you found this useful. If you’d like to contact the University Wellbeing team, you can read more here.