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What happened at Students’ Forum?

What is the Students’ Forum?

Students' Forum is the space for Goldsmiths students to suggest and influence key policies that shape the Union and our work. Held regularly throughout the year, the Students' Forum is attended by all Full Time and Part Time Officers who give updates on their current projects, allowing students to monitor and hold to account the Officers that they elected.


You can find the minutes from this Student’s Forum here.

New online voting system

The day after each Students’ Forum we will open each motion to online voting. The voting will be open to anyone who is a student at Goldsmiths University and each motion will need a minimum of 100 students voting to be legitimate. The motions will be available for voting for seven days.

This Students’ Forum motion voting will be open online 12.01pm 28th November 2019 until 12.01pm 4th December 2019. To learn more about each motion look below to view the video clip of each proposal and then a second video for discussion or rebuttals on the issues. To vote please visit the SU Students’ Forum webpage here.

Update: unfortunately the online vote did not reach the quorum of 100 so none of the motions were passed this time. We will review this system of voting going forward and redouble our efforts to reach out to students and get them to vote in time for January's students forum.

Motions debated

Motion 2: Safer Library, Safer Campus (proposer: Bobby Liow)

*Content notice: discussion of rape*


Motion 3: An open space for weekly wellbeing events (proposer: Joe Leam)


Motion 4: Students stand with striking staff (proposer: Full-Time Officer Team)

What’s next?

The next Students’ Forum will be held on Wednesday 22nd January 2020, 5-7pm in RHB 309. To read more about the Students' Forum and how to submit a motion for our next meeting read the handbook here.

If you have any additional questions or queries about Students’ Forum, motions or voting please email