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We're ready for you, 2021!

With the autumn term now almost over, we thought we’d share a little snapshot of some of the things we have coming up early next year at the SU… 


Welcome Back Week (Monday 18th - Friday 22nd January)

Shake away the winter blues, celebrate the end of exams, and begin your January term at Goldsmiths the right way. Welcome Back Week will be the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself back into Goldsmiths life and get involved in something new for the year ahead. We look forward to hopefully, (virtually), seeing lots of new faces, and will update with more details in the new year!


Student Icebreakers (restarting from Monday 18th January) 

If you haven’t yet logged into one of Icebreaker events, please do! We do rounds of 1-on-1 conversations until you’ve met a bunch of amazing people - it really helps with those initial convos when chatting to someone new! Check out the SU website 'What's On' page to book yourself in for one of the sessions left this year or the start of 2021.


Give It A Go Week (Monday 25th - Friday 29th January) 

This follows the week after Welcome Back Week and it’s an opportunity for students to join a free taster session with a sports team/society to see whether it’s for you before committing to a membership for the rest of the year. 


Students’ Forum (Wednesday 20th January)

This is the space for Goldsmiths students to suggest and influence key policies that shape the Union and our work. Students' Forum is led by all Full-Time and Part-Time Officers who give updates on their current projects and it's open to everyone who wishes to join, contribute and hold to account the SU and the Officers who they have elected. You can also bring forward a motion (an agenda of action for the Union to act upon) to be discussed and debated at the meeting. All motions then go online to be voted on by the whole student body. If passed, motions become policies - so if you want to see a change in the Union this is the place to make it happen. Click here to read more. 


'Your News And Updates' (Wednesday 13th January)

If you’re planning an event, or there’s just something you want to share with the student community, then let us know and we’ll advertise it for you. From January (at midday every Wednesday), we’ll be posting all the latest updates on our Instagram Stories - so either tag us in your posts beforehand or email us in advance via


Society/Community/Student Leader Annual Training sessions (13th/21st January)

We've already had one this year, but lots of society and community leaders still need to be officially trained to go towards their HEAR credits. The dates for these are: Wednesday 13th January 2021, 2pm-4pm and Thursday 21st January 2021, 10pm-12pm. So if this applies to you, we looking forward to seeing you then! 


Introducing your Part Time Officers

We’re going to be reaching out to the new Part Time Officers, finding out what they’re all about and what they hope to achieve in 2021, and feeding it all back to you. Keep your eyes peeled… 


Continuing Covid-19 support 

We know the last year has been tough on lots of students and our Sabbatical Officers will be continuing to listen to feedback and fight your corner - whether that’s through backing student-led campaigns, pushing the university to be transparent about their plans for the year, or demanding more funding for vital services.