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We're making progress!

We are delighted to announce that the #TakeSurvivorsSeriously campaign has successfully secured the full funding for the Against Sexual Violence project! Yesterday, Elisabeth Hill, the ASV Board Chair, FINALLY confirmed to us that the College is releasing the ASV funding, following through on their funding commitments as promised three years ago.

This is all thanks to every single one of you who signed your support, shared our statements, passed motions, emailed the Warden, tweeted the Uni, talked with your classmates + lecturers + colleagues, attended 16 Days, messaged us personally, and organised and spoke up in meetings about our fight to save the ASV project. All in the past THREE weeks! We couldn't have done it without you. Thank you.

But, as ever, the fight is not over.

The #TakeSurvivorsSeriously campaign began because we had exhausted the diplomatic route with the College on the ASV project. ASV was supposed to unite our organisations, but the funding cut and failed negotiations arose from the lack of communication, cooperation, prioritisation, and partnership from the College on sexual violence prevention in the first place.

Securing the funding is just the beginning. We welcome the College coming to the table with their money where their mouth is because now the real work can begin. We need you - our friends, supporters, and community - to keep holding Goldsmiths to account on protecting its students and staff from sexual violence. Show them that we are watching!

And to the College and SMT:
The ASV project is built on the principles of being survivor-centred and trauma-informed first and foremost. Launching #TakeSurvivorsSeriously was a difficult decision because we knew that student and staff survivors would be particularly impacted by learning about the mishandling of this project.

The fact is both the SU and the College have committed to tackle sexual violence together and a breakdown in that working relationship, “miscommunication” or otherwise, is unacceptable. An acknowledgement of that harm would be a huge stepping stone towards rebuilding trust and enabling us to heal as a community.

We ask the College for a public acknowledgement of the Take Survivors Seriously campaign by name, of the fact that the Students’ Union has been funding ASV out-of-pocket for over a month now, and a reaffirmation of their commitments to work collaboratively with the SU towards a Goldsmiths without sexual violence together.

We commit - both professionally and personally - to holding ourselves to account on our promises, and we wouldn’t be a Students’ Union without reaffirming our commitment to hold the you, the College, to account to on your promises either.