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We're hosting a programme of community, wellness & educational events...

At Goldsmiths SU, we stand Against Sexual Violence. Running from International Day Against Violence Against Women (25th November) and International Human Rights Day (10th December), 16 Days is an international campaign that calls for the elimination of all forms of gender-based violence against women. 

We're celebrating 16 Days by hosting a programme of FREE virtual community, wellness, and educational events! Keep reading to discover some of our favourites...


The Ally Club

When? 10-11am on 25th November

What? To mark the beginning of our 16 Days Against Sexual Violence 2020 Campaign, we're launching our new Ally Club: a place for students who want to prevent sexual violence at Goldsmiths by raising awareness, becoming advocates, and practicing allyship. You don’t have to belong to a liberation group to be part of the Ally Club!


Understanding the Trauma Cycle

When? 10-11:30am on 28th November

What?  In this presentation, Hannah Kendaru (she/her) of Inspire Breathwork will share how the trauma cycle can be understood, different ways in which our bodies instinctively react to trauma, and ways breathwork and embodied practices can start to complete the trauma cycle and allow for healing.


Idea Jam Against Sexual Violence

When? 5-7pm on 30th November

What? How can we create a culture at Goldsmiths that stands against sexual violence? In this collaborative brainstorming session facilitated by Goldsmiths student Kanako Masuda (she/her) and Goldsmiths alum Lou Kendaru (she/her) we'll be making use of fun, fast, and creative design thinking exercises to envision new ways to address sexual violence at Goldsmiths.


Coming Home: A guided breathwork session for trauma

When? 10-11:30am on 5th December

What? In this one and a half hour workshop, Hannah Kendaru of Inspire Breathwork will offer a resource meditation with a forty-five minute guided breathe. With gentleness and compassion, we will explore the healing potential of the breath. By tapping into your inner guidance and strength, this session aims to help you find home in your body and fall back into safety.


All of these fab events were made possible by Against Sexual Violence funding. If you’d like to help support our ASV campaign, Take Survivors Seriously, click here to find out how you can do just that!