Welcome to Taylor, Education Officer

What is returning Education Officer Taylor McGraa most excited about for the upcoming year? Many things, it turns out.

''I’m really looking forward to seeing how many students get engaged with our sports and societies, especially students who are here for the first time. There's so much to get involved with!'' they say.

Taylor is also keen to get stuck in with organising the ‘Alternative Careers’ events, which was piloted last year. It will ''offer events which promote alternative paths into creative industries, including  workshops and talks, allowing you to network and gain inside knowledge. The idea is to combat the fear that students have around the unknown and to push back on the idea that they have to know exactly what they’re going to do in the future. Alternative Careers events will provide a space where students can be more experimental,'' they explain.

No stranger to the SU, before Taylor was elected as a Full Time Officer, they got involved in the SU out of a passion for writing and journalism. ''I’m a writer, I was interested in getting involved as a sub-editor for [smiths] magazine.''

So does Taylor have any nuggets of advice for freshers? ''This is your time to try anything new. Speak to people you wouldn't normally speak to. Goldsmiths is the perfect place to do that. The union is here to support you – no question too small or too silly. The Full Time Officers are there to be approached at any time, just treat us like you would a mate. I’m always around for a cup of tea if you want a chat.''  

Taylor’s keen to point out that where you end up living doesn’t have to define your Goldsmiths experience forever. ''It doesn’t matter if you’re not in halls. I wasn’t and I still made a really strong group of friends,'' they add.

''You can meet people through your academic community, department, at the SU’s welcome week events, through your shared interests, through attending events such as Queer to Party if you’re part of that community.''