Welcome to Joe, Campaigns and Activities Officer

Goldsmiths SU’s newest Campaigns and Activities Officer is on a mission. Joe Leam studied Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE) at Goldsmiths and cites his degree as a reason why he got involved with the SU in order to tackle inequality and the marketisation of higher education.

The former Vice-Chair of Goldsmiths Labour Society says ''I was really influenced by the content on my course. It was an alternative to classical economics.  PPE at Goldsmiths provides a framework by which we can understand economic alternatives and battle against neoliberalism, privatisation and inequality.''

''Coming from Grimsby, which has a certain amount of socio-economic problems, also inspired me to get involved with politics.'' Joe adds.

Over the course of his time at Goldsmiths, Joe became deeply involved with New School Economics, a collective of students and staff ''seeking new economic futures'', in Joe’s words.

''We seek to further the agenda to have education as a free public good. Education is not just a tool to get a job but a means to expand your mind and further your learning for learning’s sake.'' The collective organise talks and events such as the Mobilising New Economic Futures conference in July.

As Campaigns and Activities Officer Joe is keen to build up links between Goldsmiths and the local community in New Cross. ‘I want to work with the local homeless population, group cooking sessions, facilitate them getting skills and mobilise them to get off the street. I want to create networks in which students can volunteer to support local school kids with their GCSEs.’ he says.

In addition to his political activities, you can find Joe listening to music and having a pint with friends. ''I like everything. From shoegaze to jazz to psychedelia; artists like My Bloody Valentine, Herbie Hancock or King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard''.

Joe also noted that he is looking for a record membership in sports and societies, hoping to facilitate a tour abroad for teams. Moreover, he is very excited to look into working with housing organisations and unions to further improve students accomodation.

So does he have any advice to freshers? ''Come to the SU, get involved and develop alongside others from all walks of life. The door is always open! There’s loads of support in the SU, and it’s great to get involved in activities outside of education. I implore anyone to come in and chat to us. We are here for you.''