Welcome to JT, the new SU President

If you’re a returning Goldsmiths student it’s quite likely you’ve seen JT (Joseph Tema) around campus. Having served as Campaigns & Activities Officer last year, he returns to Goldsmiths SU for a second year, this time as President. We caught up with him to him to find out more about his plans for the coming year. 

The former Politics undergraduate tells us that has two tasks in his sights; making sure Freshers week goes smoothly and completing the Democracy Review.  The latter involves the process of ''rewriting the laws of governance and bye-laws to make it easier for students to get involved with the SU. I’ll also be seeing what other SUs are doing to see if we can learn new stuff and exchange ideas. The SU has had an amazing year so we’ve got big boots to fill!'' JT says.

JT was captain of the Men’s Rugby team in his second year and was heavily involved in the Wired Radio team so he knows the challenges that clubs and societies can be confronted with at Goldsmiths. If one of your gripes has been a lack of study or activity space on campus, you may be pleased to hear that improving student spaces is another area of major focus for JT. ''I’ll be working with Estates to to repurpose the building for a study space, upgrade the sports kits and provide designated quiet spaces for people with difficulties.'' he explains.

Likewise for freshers who may be nervous about starting student life at Goldsmiths, JT wants to emphasise that when it comes to starting university, everyone is in the same boat. ''Everyone is making friends, no one knows anything and everyone else is lonely. So just get stuck in! If you’re struggling, the SU can help you, so reach out.''

''And take a lot of notes. During welcome week you’ll get a lot of info so keep a note of it and you can come back to it later.'' he adds.

With the prospect of a busy year ahead, does JT have any plans to unwind this summer? ‘‘I’ll be at Bestival! I’m taking two weeks of to help build the furniture for stage sets. I’ll be there seeing the acts as well, so I’m pretty excited about it.’



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