Welcome Week: top tips for survival!

All that hard work has paid off and you’ve made it to Goldsmiths… yay! So now it’s time for you to discover everything the Students’ Union has to offer through Welcome Week 2019!

We’ve created a packed schedule of activities and events to help you settle into your new life - whatever your year, age or level of study – and we’ll be continue to be there for you throughout the rest of your studies.

Perhaps this is your first time living away from home? Maybe you’re travelling to a new part of London or you’ve returned to education after a break? Either way, your first full week might feel a bit hectic and overwhelming! Here are some things to bear in mind throughout the week…


  • Sign up to a new sports club or society and make the most of the opportunities on offer. Read all about them here.
  • Try out the sober/dry events as well as the boozy ones – you might find it’s easier to remember your new BFFs name the next day.
  • Sign up to a doctors' surgery nearby – freshers’ flu is very real.
  • Come and say hello to the SU Welcome Week staff at the marquee on the college green – we’ll be wearing our t-shirts so should be easy enough to spot!
  • Don’t feel you can’t ask for help or support. Getting used to all the logins and systems is tricky, SU and uni staff are here to help!


  • Don’t get too drunk, you’ll just get beer fear and feel awkward about what you said or did in front of all your new friends. Alternate alcohol with water, and make sure you eat some dinner too!
  • Don’t worry about next year’s housing, yet. There’s more time than you think to get your accommodation sorted so don’t make massive commitments in your first term.
  • Don’t hide in your room all week. We promise it will get easier!
  • At the same time… don’t go to absolutely everything and get too exhausted… put that FOMO away, you’ll still make friends!
  • Don’t build your reading list from scratch - there’s no doubt a student selling off second-hand copies for half the price.