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We reaffirm here the unmet demands of Goldsmiths Anti-Racist Action...

In recent weeks, Goldsmiths has claimed that it stands ‘shoulder-to-shoulder’ with black students and staff in fighting radical justice. We demand change. Not empty words. 

We reaffirm here the unmet demands of Goldsmiths Anti-Racist Action, the result of a 137 day long occupation of Deptford Town Hall. The following demands were signed and agreed to by management ONE YEAR AGO. They are still unmet.


  • Mandatory anti-racism training for ALL staff, including the Goldsmiths Senior Management team.
  • Employing BME wellbeing and counselling staff and implementing cultural competency training 
  • For local residents of Lewisham borough to have access to Deptford Town Hall 
  • To resolve issues with cuts to course contact hours on the Social, Therapeutic and Community Studies (STACS) Programme, a course studied by majority BME students 
  • Annual fund designated for Black History events (partially completed but not implemented)
  • Overhaul of curriculum, alongside a race audit on how best to decolonize the curriculum 
  • To go forward with a reparative justice programme 
  • Paid BME representatives for each department 
  • Although cleaners, security and outsourced workers have been brought in house, they are still subject to poor working conditions 
  • We the Union also call on Goldsmiths to donate £50,000 to the Free Black University Fund, a project to establish a free, transformative and accessible education experience, that is anti colonial, revolutionary, and is centred on the liberation of the Black community.
  • The Free Black University: ’Universities hold a deep responsibility when it comes to racism. The knowledge that introduced the very ideology of racism into our society was born in British Universities’

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