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We asked History Society President Holly Cooper why you should get involved...

1. You’ll get to learn fascinating historical info on niche topics 

We’ve been doing academic talks each month. We outreach to academics at other universities and ask if they want to talk to us about their research, and then they do informal lectures on really niche areas of queer and Black British history. My personal favourite was our talk we had in March (2020) about same-sex relationships in 20th century Germany, and how the eradication of queer history in World War II has meant that it felt as if queer individuals have just appeared out of nowhere, when in fact that isn’t the case. We had viewers logging in from all over the world, including American and European academics!

2. You’ll take part in fun events

Because of COVID-19, the History Society didn’t actually have a chance to meet in 2020, but that didn’t stop us! As well as our academic talks we’ve hosted four book clubs, three viewing parties and a Christmas quiz! Now though, we’re hoping we can do in-person meetups - that’s definitely the way to go. I also really want to do more socials in areas that are relevant to history, like some day trips to museums and art galleries. And of course everyone wants to do a bar crawl!

3. You’ll be part of an award-winning society

We’re so proud to have been recognised for our advocacy and hard work by being awarded ‘Best New Society of the Year’ by Goldsmiths SU at the SU Awards. It felt like such a great start for our society. We were also Runner Up for the Development Award in the National Societies and Volunteering Awards, which was amazing.

4. You’ll join a strong community of activists

I think our advocacy is one of the best things about us as a society - we’re really proud of the work we did during LGBTQ+ History Month and Women’s HIstory Month. Even if you’re not massively into the talks or the academic side of it, we have such a strong community and we’re all so active with different social issues, which we’ve done a lot of. Learning about history is so important for activism and it’s such an enriching environment!

5. You’ll make loads of new friends

We want our talks to be accessible to all students. They’re open to everyone, and completely free (because we sell T-shirts to cover the cost of academics coming to visit us!) Through being a part of the History Society, I’ve met such a variety of people at Goldsmiths, so if you’re reading this and haven’t had the opportunity to join a society, do it! We’d love to meet you.

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