UCU Strike Ballot Statement

Our lecturers are taking action with UCU (the Universities and Colleges Trade Union). This is because universities, including Goldsmiths, and their governing bodies are not addressing issues such as:

  • A 9% BME pay gap
  • A 20% drop in pay since 2009
  • £10,000 less a year in pensions
  • Precarious work contracts for staff
  • Ever-increasing workloads
  • More marketisation of education

All of this means worse conditions for our staff, and consequently worse education for students. As a result, they have chosen to ballot for a strike. 

Ultimately our lecturers have no other way to stop this - ballotting is their only option. This action is their leverage to change conditions. If the ballot wins, it could force the USS trustees (the organisation responsible) back to the negotiating table and change the future of education.

Together, we want to create an education system that is funded, accessible and lifelong; a system that reflects the needs of modern society.

Goldsmiths Students’ Union stands in full solidarity with UCU and their ballot. We need to protect education together.

In the event of a strike, we pledge to dedicate our space to a number of teach-ins and lectures surrounding political issues pertinent to both Higher Education and society in general, including decolonisation, Brexit and Goldsmiths democracy. We must maintain a space for pedagogy and teaching. UCU have committed to this.

Together we also commit to ensuring:

  • Full accessibility on the picket line
  • Uninterrupted access to wellbeing services at the University
  • Direct democracy through strike committees
  • No students, international or otherwise, will be marked as absent for taking part in the strikes 
  • Inclusivity is consistently upheld in direct action

More on this to come after the result of the ballot.