‘This role is for people who want to make change’

Maddie, a Programme Rep for the History department, has found the position an empowering one…

‘Being a Programme Rep means communicating everyone's usual annoyances about the course to someone higher up. Essentially, it’s a title to empower you to speak up about the issues on your course!

To help with this, I set up a course chat where we reflect on the modules and how they’re going. Having the title of 'Programme Rep' gives you more confidence to bring up your concerns about the course with the people who have the power to change that, such as tutors or course conveners.

As a result of frequent meetings with our course conveners, we’ve been able to organise more social events and have been given more freedom in our module choices for second year.

I’d recommend this position if you’re tired of hearing people complain about Goldsmiths but don’t do anything to change it. This role is for people who want to make change happen.’

Interested in representing your peers next year? Recruitment is now open for the positions of Department Rep or Accessibility and Inclusion Rep for the 2019/20 academic year. Have a read here - http://bit.ly/2LUFfp0 - for all the information you need to know and how you can apply!